Anger Management

Anger is a normal, healthy, human emotion that occurs whenever we feel our boundaries have been breached in some way. However, for some people, anger builds disproportionately, becoming unmanageable.

When we are feeling angry all the time, behaviours may become aggressive and cause problems at work, school, in personal relationships, or in the overall quality of life.

If you find yourself acting in ways that seem out of control and frightening, chances are you need help finding better ways to deal with this emotion.

Signs that you may have a problem managing anger include:

  • Often feeling agitated, annoyed or frustrated
  • Becoming annoyed quickly over small things
  • Taking feelings out on people close to you
  • Drinking alcohol or using drugs because you are angry a lot of the time
  • People feeling unable to disagree with you in case you become angry
  • Anger lasting for a long time