Sexuality is a complex and vitally important aspect of being human. How we choose to express our individual sexual identity, through partner choice and preferred methods of engagement is incredibly personal and can be troubling to the individual or their partner.

Because sexuality IS so personal, it may be difficult to discuss any issues you are having with family or friends. When people dealing with sexuality issues feel accepted and supported they will likely live more satisfying and healthy lives.

Sexuality issues can take many forms, including:

  • Confusion about orientation
  • Concerns over preferences of expression
  • Low or high libido
  • Gender issues
  • Various presentations of physical dysfunction
  • Intimate partner communication
  • Concerns about pornography consumption

or changes to any of the above.

Additionally, any form of sexual assault is likely to have an adverse impact on expressions of sexuality and can be treated. A healthy and fulfilling sexual life, with the tools and skills to communicate openly with your sexual partner, is a necessary part of general health and wellbeing.